10 Essentials For An Edgy Style Lady


10 Essentials For An Edgy Style Lady


Even those with the most vibrant and edgy apparel in wardrobes have some must-have items that are the staple of their alternative style outfit. The term that alternative fashion bloggers and stylists like to throw is “capsule wardrobe”. Today we will try to present the alternative style must-have items, the core of a wardrobe that every edgy woman needs to possess. Consider these items like the frame on top of which you can build a bizarre outfit, a scenic image that describes your individuality. 

Before we dive deeply into this topic, it is vital to know which edgy style appeals to you the most. Are you into punk rock, cyberpunk or industrial look with ripped hems and metal studs, or do you favour something calmer like Grunge outfits and passionate like Gothic clothing? This will determine the kind of core items and accessories you will choose.

You will also need to keep a colour pattern in mind. For most goths, it is an obvious decision – everything black on top of black. Nevertheless, you may also need a few accent colours – something like vine red, army green or violet. If you are into rave outfits fashion and a cybergoth aesthetic, you might favour neon colour accents. While if you are a pastel goth fan then it is obvious that your accents are in pastel tints.

Black Tank Top

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A mainstream fashion suggestion for the core wardrobe is a white T-shirt. It’s rather a necessity since it seemingly works with everything. Well, we don’t consider white Tees are so essential for a rock-chick closet, so think about a black tank top as the edgy alternative.

A black tank top is a necessity because it can be paired with almost any bottoms, jackets or accessories to represent your individual style. It is crucial to have at least one item that doesn’t have anything printed or embroidered on it. You can pick from slim fit or looser fits for extra versatility.

Versatile Tops

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You should have at least three or four tops with long sleeves and short sleeves that incorporate your individual style and taste. But at the same time, they have to be versatile enough to match with various bottoms. The rule of thumb is that each of your tops should go with 2 or 3 of your bottoms. Otherwise, it is excessively confining and it will probably end up in the back of your drawer.

Some reliable bets are vintage band tees or tops with a slogan that displays your own individuality. Other selections can combine blouses and long sleeve tees. If you are more after classic style – blouses with such features like a ribbon on a neck are a natural choice. While if you are more into punk-rock-inspired looks then slightly worn tops and band T-shirts will be a great choice.

Basic Bottoms

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A pair of plain black pants are the foundation of almost any alternative wardrobe (with the exception of feminine styles like Romantic Goth or Gothic Lolita). Black trousers can fit with any top for each season, and may also suit a more conventional wardrobe (in case you fancy going under the radar from time to time).

Besides basic black trousers, you should have a few pairs of jeans that could be put on in a pinch. You know, those jeans that simply fit well and ended up becoming your most suitable pair – comfortable, handy and work with everything. If you know your measurements and browse through the store collection it should be easy to find jeans that fit your body properly. Leggings are another great choice since they can be a great alternative to denim. They allow the same versatility but are way more comfortable to wear.

And remember, for the majority of edgy styles ripped or worn fabrics are the way to go but if your style is a little more like vintage ’80s, then velvet or animal-print bottom might be a more preferable option.

Statement Skirt

Skirts are NOT “one style fits all” piece of clothing, so it is crucial to pick one that seamlessly fits into your appearance. If you prefer a witchy style – consider having some flowy skirts that finish up your look. But if you are more of a rave rock’n’roll chick, then a short skirt with buckles or zippers will do its job.

Jacket For Every Day

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The core thing for any alternative apparel and rave outfits, no matter what style you are into, is a leather jacket that you can wear daily. Your jacket has to be practical and serve any occasion. You can pop it on when an evening falls and the air gets colder, or you can bring it to an air-conditioned cinema. You should definitely have more than one item of this basic clothing. Possessing two or three jackets can certainly let you mix and pair with ease other items from your wardrobe.

Statement Coat

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An autumn or winter coat can be a genuine statement item. This is your opportunity to evade boring items and show off with a tangled sense of fashion. The coat should harmonise with your autumn and winter footwear. For instance, if you wear a pair of industrial-looking boots with a chunky platform then a Victorian-style coat with lace is not going to work. Nevertheless, your coat must be a good fit for the weather outside. The effect is that your edgy coat implements will be dimmed if you are shivering while wearing them.

Rock Style Shoes

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Comfy shoes are the basics that every mortal should have. Certainly, a pair of towering platforms will dazzle people around you, but they destroy your feet if you spend the entire day wearing them. If your style is more relaxed, like emo, scene or grunge – a pair of canvas high tops sneakers are the way to go. You can even consider a pair that has a more personalized decoration. If you choose a pair that has colour patterns, ensure that those colours are aligned with the rest of your wardrobe. For quieter or more feminine styles like lolita goth – a pair of simple flats will also do the trick.

Socks and Tights

Unexpectedly, hosiery and socks are a remarkably powerful element to complete an edgy outfit. You can enhance any look by putting on a pair of knee-high striped socks. Or you can modify it into something completely different by changing those for fishnet stockings.

Belts and Corsets

A belt is an accessory item that surely can help you to deliver the image you would like to convey. A belt with studs will add a punk rock perception to your outfit, multi-chain belts are undoubtedly edgy, and a corset belt will provide a more sentimental twist. If you are bound more to a tempting or Victorian look, then ignore belts, and choose a real corset.

Jewellery Hats and Accessories

If you want to add a bit of excitement and character to your outfit – Jewellery is key. Layered-up necklaces can add to a witchy look. Then a spikey cuff is essential for punk fashion. Expand your jewellery collection steadily, and let each item make a statement.

Besides that, your edgy outfit should incorporate a hat for each season. For contemporary alternative looks, a black beanie is a classic, but you can adopt more complex options if you fancy. For the summer season – a fabric hat with a brim will be a nice fit and it protects you from the sun.

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And lastly, one accessory you should never overlook is the humble body harness. Harnesses have momentum right now, and they combine well with most modern edgy styles. You can put them over tops or dresses or under a skirt, to add a sense of danger to any outfit.

​So that is it, pals! We have covered all 10 essentials for an alternative wardrobe that should help you to create a truly magnificent look.



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