Phase 2: Narrow Down Your Niches

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Alright guys. In this video, we are going to take the 20 niche ideas that we brainstormed in the previous video, and narrow it down to just 5 ideas. If you haven’t watched the previous video, and haven’t completed that video’s task, then go ahead and do so now. It’s a crucial prerequisite for this.


In the next video, we are going to take these 5 ideas, and use customer demand research tactics to see which niche is the best one to pick. So, for this step, we aren’t actually going to be using any research data. And that’s because researching niches for buyer demand, actually is quite time intensive.

And so if we were to research buyer demand for 20 niches… that would take a long time! So instead, we’re going to narrow down our 20 niche ideas to just 5.


So how can you narrow down the list from 20 niches to 5? Well, there are multiple factors to consider. The most important one is YOU.


Firstly, are there any niches on your list that YOU are passionate about? This is THE number 1, and I repeat, THE number 1 factor to consider. Go through your list and identify any that you are passionate about. 


The highest success rate definitely comes from people that pick something that they are interested in and love. This isn’t to say that newbies who sell things they AREN’T passionate about don’t have success. Many do. But it takes a certain type of personality to be that person.


I’m that sort of person. I enjoy making the most money, and so I’m more willing than most to sell items that I don’t care about - but are profitable. But I wasn’t always that way. If you’re a longtime subscriber on Wholesale Ted, you know that my successful store sold items relating to video games. I sold video game hacking tools, and video game accessories. Because these were things I was passionate about, I understood the niche easier which made marketing a lot easier.  

I knew the lingo. I knew the slang. Being able to use niche-specific slang is very powerful. It builds trust between you and the customer. It makes the customer feel like you care about something that they love – which makes them trust you more to pick good products. 


Remember: our goal is to get the customer to buy the item impulsively from you, without price checking it or doing any research. So building that initial trust with your language is CRUCIAL. It also made it easier to stay focused on my business. For example, one thing I strongly recommend new stores do is add 20 products before they launch.


Why? Well, it’s for multiple reasons, but a big one is that if you have too few products in your store it will look empty and unfinished, hurting your trust with the potential customer.

However: adding 20 products takes quite a lot of time. ESPECIALLY that I recommend that you add custom product descriptions to the products that you're selling. And so because of this, it’s also a big bonus to pick a niche you are passionate about: it will mean you’ll have more fun doing these time-intensive tasks.

I didn’t mind and even enjoyed writing product descriptions for my items because I was passionate about my niche. So yes – passion is the #1 way to narrow down the list. But here is the thing. Not everyone has passions, and that is OK, don’t worry.

Or perhaps you DO have a passion but it’s something that’s hyper niche such as donut baking. And, as we’ve already established, that is unfortunately not viable. There aren’t enough products!

In that case, there are additional ways that you can narrow down the list from 20 to just 5. The next question to ask yourself: is which niches do you think are the biggest. Now yes – I said which do you THINK are the biggest. You don’t have to go through and research which ones ARE the biggest, just try and apply logic to it. 


For example. Maybe you’ve got two niches written down: one is dog owners, one is owl lovers. Which do you think will be the biggest? Chances are, most of you said, dog owners. And if you guessed that, you would be right!


So why do we care about picking niches with big audiences? Well, it’s because the more people there are, the more people there are to buy items. Which means more money. If you aren’t driven by passions or hobbies, then there is probably something else that will drive and motivate you – and that is MONEY.


You may have not been particularly interested in selling coffee mugs. But if you start making $10,000 a month selling this hyper-viral mug to guitar lovers, trust me, you will VERY QUICKLY become passionate! 


So, figuring out which niches have the most money is another good way to narrow them down. There is something else to ask yourself though.

And that is this: are there any niches you would feel PROUD to sell? Or perhaps another question to ask yourself is this: are there any niches you would NOT feel proud selling? This especially applies to “controversial” niches. 

Perhaps you saw this Pothead t-shirt on Etsy selling well when conducting niche research, and so you wrote marijuana down. While marijuana products are banned with Facebook ads, pun t-shirts like this generally aren’t, so you can get around those rules in creative ways technically even if it is a bit risky. However, what would happen if someone asked you “hey! Congratulations on the successful store! What items do you sell?” If you showed them this t-shirt. Would you be happy showing it to them?

Some of you will answer yes: and some of you will answer no. Both answers are fine.

For most of you watching this video, I know it will be your ultimate goal to quit your day job, and to be able to earn at least a full-time income with your new store, with many of you having the goal to scale it to even bigger, better profits than that.

Well, if that happens, when people say to you “hey - what do you do?” You’ll have to show them what you are selling. And I’ll tell you now - I know people that are selling “adult products.” Now, they’re happy enough to be selling them because they are making plenty of money.

But over time, they sort of wish they had picked something else that, while may make less money, would be a niche that would be less awkward to answer with. On the other hand, some of my friends selling “adult products” love that they do that, and tell people proudly. So each to their own. 

So take a look at your list, and think about if you would feel silly, embarrassed or uncomfortable selling any of the items on your list. If so, cross them out.And on the flipside. Look for any niches on your list that you would be excited to tell others that you sell. 

If you know other people will be really excited excited about what you do, it will help give you more motivation to follow through and make sure you complete your new store. 

I know that I sound like I’m beating a dead horse here. You’re probably thinking - why does she keep going ON and ON about staying motivated? It’s because it’s one of the LARGEST stumbling blocks that I see newbies make. They don’t think about this at all.

Once you start making money, as I said, motivation isn’t particularly hard, even if you don’t like your niche that much, because money is a fantastic motivator. But getting to that first dollar, that’s the hard bit. There is still a lot more tasks you need to complete before you complete your profitable store,

But once it’s completed - and you get your first sale - trust me, everything will click into place. Almost everyone remembers the first dollar they made online. When you make it, it’s life changing. You realize that YES - this is real. You CAN have this. Your life CAN be different.
But you’ve got to put in some work in the meantime that won’t pay off quite yet. So you need to find a way to stay motivated so that you’ll stick it out and earn that crucial first dollar.

So go ahead. Take your 20 niches, and narrow it down to just 5 to analyze in the next video. And again, that “Completed this task” button on this page is there for you to click ONLY after you’ve actually gone and narrow the list down to 5.

DON’T click it just because you’ve watched this. That is cheating. Remember, it’s my job to have you complete a store - not just have you watch through these videos.

That is why you only get to tick it once you’ve finished the task. So go on, do it, and I’ll see you on the next video.