Phase 1 Of Niche Selection – Brainstorm 20 Ideas

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Hey everyone & welcome to Phase 1 of our niche selection process where we will be brainstorming 20 different niche ideas. Before we begin, we need to define what a niche is, as there are two types of stores that you can build: niche stores, and general stores. Inside this course, we will be teaching you how to build a niche store business, and it’s crucial you choose one that has enough customers & demand so that you can scale it to 6-figure & even 7-figure profits!

So for example, dog owners is a niche. Dog owners are extremely passionate about their dogs. However, pet owners is not a niche because there’s lots of different pets and not all pet owners are passionate about dogs.

A luxury watches store is a niche because people are passionate about this specific product. However, a store built around generic watches is not a niche because people are not passionate about this – which is why I see a lot of new stores that choose to build their stores around cheap watches fail.

As part of this tutorial series, I’m going to build a niche store around coffee. There is a group of people that are extremely passionate about their daily dose of caffeine. I’m going to be adding products to my store that coffee lovers would be interested in.

For example, I’m going to add a novelty coffee mug like this one here. A product that I can dropship from Aliexpress.

As you can see this can be for someone who is passionate at two niches, one being coffee and the other being guitars. Then I’m going to add custom made products like t-shirts like this one. 

And as you can see this t-shirt is aimed at someone who is passionate about cats and coffee. Products like this that have two different niches associated with it are called cross niche products. 

You might be asking “Sarah why are we choosing one niche? Why are we choosing one particular customer to build our store around?”. The answer is neither way is wrong. Both niche store and general store have both their advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of a niche store is that it’s usually easier for beginners to get their first sale. Why? When you build a store around a particular niche it is easier to increase conversions because you can invoke the feelings that your niche has for your passionate audience.

For example, the Brewed Treats store that we are building will use a coffee bean color scheme because it will invoke the feelings of coffee which all the customers that come into our store loves.

And the store is named Brewed Treats which again invokes feelings and emotions about coffee. The logo features a coffee cup that reminds the customer about something they love – coffee!

Now you know what a niche is and you know why I recommend building a niche store over a general store. So the question to ask is, what niche should you choose. Choosing a niche is going to be a big deal because it’s going to essentially define the whole future of our store. 

This is going to be a multi-step process. We are going to be brainstorming 20 different niche ideas. I want you to list 20 different ideas while following the following criteria:


  • Does it have a passionate fan base
  •  Stop and think if the niche has lots of products that I can sell – we have lots of products to test

Now, as part of the two-step video series, I will be teaching you how to find products in multiple ways to add products to your store. One method I’ll be teaching you is how to source products from print on demand service like Printify.

Another method I’m going to teach you is how to source products from Aliexpress. It’s a website where Chinese manufacturers list their products for sale. You can buy products from them individually at discounted prices. Then you can sell them in your own store for a higher price then advertise it. 

When choosing a niche, you also have to consider something else – is your niche banned on Facebook?

In step 5, I will be teaching you the process on how to get free traffic to your store through SEO (search engine optimization). It’s nice because it’s a reliable way to get traffic. That is also why I’m going to teach you how to traffic through Facebook ads. It’s a fast, reliable method to get traffic. It isn’t free but it’s just going to cost you $5 a day.

So if you choose a niche that is banned on Facebook then you can’t do this. Now, that you know our criteria so go on and create a list of 20 different ideas. 

If you find it hard to write 20 niche ideas, I’m going to help you find them by looking at other websites. The first website is Amazon.

On Amazon, click on the Departments button to see all the different categories. Look through them and see if anything catches your eye. You’ll get different ideas just by browsing through them. If there’s anything there that you’re passionate about, prioritize it. If you’re passionate about it, you’ll be more motivated to complete your store and grow it.

It’s important to note that not all these high-level categories are suitable. For instance, Camping by itself is a fine niche, it’s specific enough but not too broad. Same for hiking, it’s specific enough to not be too broad to be general store.

This is in contrast to something like Pet Supplies. The niche ‘pet supplies’ is far too broad, there are so many types of pets out there.

What you would want to do with a niche like this is to open it up and check the different sub-niches in it. Browse the sub-niches in there and get their items for inspiration. When browsing sub-categories, keep in mind that you want to pick a niche that will inspire passion and excitement on your customers.

The next website that I’m going to recommend is, of course, Aliexpress. What you want to do is to go to the hot-selling section on their website and use that to see what niches they come from. Now a lot of these items would not be suitable because a lot the best selling items in Aliexpress is in the general niche. The key to successful dropshipping is to sell highly passionate products that will make them impulse buy so that they won’t have to look for the price from other websites.

Another one that we have to disregard when looking for products in Aliexpress is the trademark niches. An example is the self-stirring mug, it’s totally okay to sell but not this self-stirring mug with a trademark Harry Potter logo is illegal. So Harry Potter would be a bad niche.

Now let me show you how to browse the hot selling products in Aliexpress.

First, go to the Top Selection page in Aliexpress.

Scroll down and take a look at the items that are currently selling well to give an example of types of products that you could sell.  You’ll see here that we’ve seen several Pokemon related items. Just because you’ve seen several Pokemon items doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea for you to sell them. Why? Because the Pokemon niche is indeed copyrighted.

If you see a niche, ask yourself does this niche contains copyrights or trademarks. Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re going to see generic products like that women’s blouse. It’s a nice blouse and good quality for its price. What happens is when people see the blouse, they’ll say “Oh that’s a well-priced blouse, I’ll pick that up!”. The only reason they are buying the blouse though is because of the price in Aliexpress. But if you come and dropship for x price, people won’t be interested in it anymore. The only reason people are interested in that blouse right now is because of the critically low price. They’re not interested in it because it’s an item they’re passionate about. 

So remember to avoid generic products like that and don’t use those as inspiration for niches. 

Now, one thing you’ll notice here is the Cats Headphone. It’s really exciting, as you can see it’s not a generic product. It features cat ears and so looking at this it will give you an idea about the niche for cat lovers. That is actually a really good niche. One that would be worth writing down. If you do a search for cats in Aliexpress you’ll see lots of items related to the cat niche.

Aliexpress is filled with all sorts of exciting and unique items related to the cat niche. So this is a good niche to write down.

And I have another website for you, this might be surprising for most people, but that website is Etsy. It’s a marketplace where people sell handcrafted goods. There’s a subset of people on Etsy who uses it to sell print on demand products.

Once you’re in Etsy, come and click on either men or women’s clothing. Then you want to select T-Shirts. Now, what you have to understand is that the Etsy algorithm largely orders these products based on the items they have sold. So items on the first 10 to 20 pages show the items that have sold recently which indicates that niche-specific designs are quite popular and sell well.

What you want to do is to browse the first 20 or so pages. You want to ignore listings that have the word Ad on them because it means that the creator paid for it to sit there.

You would also like to ignore generic designs. However this design “Friends not food” is indeed referencing a niche – the vegan niche. If you’re passionate and interested in the vegan niche, this is going to be a good one to write down on your brainstorming process.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stick to browsing just the T-shirt products. Any item category that will have print on demand products is a good place to browse through. So you can browse through the top 10 to 20 pages on the men’s and women’s shirt and hoodies and another good category to look through is mugs. Look through the pages and see if there are any niche present and see if this interests you.

Before we end this tutorial, I want you all to remember that these 20 ideas don’t have to be all great perfect ideas, we are just in the brainstorming process. In a later video, we’re going to use actual data to prospect our chosen niche.

Now, go on and make your list!